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D5 holdings will provide a professional and courteous service you deserve during complex product design phases, logistic and financial transactions. D5 holdings is a Canadian owned product design and marketing company located in Alberta Canada. We specialize in giving companies a competitive edge in todays market. D5 holdings offers a variety of options to companies looking to be more competitive in the enhancement of current product lines, new product designs, improved packaging, global logistic programs and sourcing of  Asian manufacturing options.

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D5 holdings recognizes that just as no two products are exactly alike; neither are the people who manufacture them, market them or sell them. The same applies to the consumers who purchase them. Therefore, the success of each product is an intricate arrangement.  D5 holdings has the hands-on experience to take you to the next level.

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Product design and Development

Whatever stage of development your product is in D5, with its more than 16 years of mechanical design experience,can help. The use of CAD programs with photo rendering capabilities can reduce the amount of time and money spent on development of a new product. View real life renderings and gauge changes accordingly thereby dramatically reducing time and expense required to produce a prototype.

Development of product packaging often involves research into how the product will be sold in stores, as well as how it will be warehoused and handled through the related product supply chain. D5 holdings can design unique packaging to fit any type of product. The final package design must be thoroughly assessed to ensure that it meets the best possible landed cost and delivery models.